Customer Reviews

Your soy candles are fantastic! LOVE them and give them as gifts...none of the scents make me sick to my stomach, like some companies. Lovely!! I was recently at a retreat, and a lovely lavender travel tin by your company was included in the welcome bag! Such a nice surprise! Thanks for being a great company with an even greater product!


This candle smells awesome! My girlfriend had a grape candle when she was growing up and had mentioned it many times in random conversations. She loved how it smell and said she could never find anything like it again after that. I searched many sites and found a few candles that came close, but this one was awesome. It smells kind of like Grape KoolAid or candy. Needless to say, she loved it and we will be making more purchases from NaturalScents. Thank you so much!


Fastest delivery on the Web All I can say is wow!! Delivery came fast while being environmentally conscious, if only all companies could have your service and mindset!! Thanks again!! Will definitely order again!


Great product and service The candles just arrived and are perfect. Love the mango candle. Yum! I appreciate your excellent and prompt service. I will happily refer your company to my friends. Thank you!


Candle with a conscious Wow! Hi there! I'd never even heard of your company before receiving an email this week from PETA indicating a PETA benefit when you buy candles from your company. I'm a big PETA supporter, so I ordered three -- Vanilla, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. First, they arrived in three days!!! That's great -- talk about fast shipping! But the real reason for me email is not to tell you that I'm a big PETA supporter or that your shipping time is great. It's to tell you that I am absolutely CRAZY about your candles! The scents are so wonderful, and so strong (love that!!) -- I could smell it in the back of the house when the candle was in the living room. You guys are doing a great job, and I look forward to being a long-time customer from now on. I'm also going to share my delight with your products with all my candle-loving friends and family. Thank you for making such great products! You rock!


Aroma spray as body spray I just received your new Aroma Spray. I absolutely LOVE IT! Your label says it's great in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc., but I am also using it as perfume and spray it on my clothes! You have unique fragrances and they smell wonderful, so why not?! I will be buying more aromas very soon! Keep up the good work.


Glad to be selling your candles I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to say Thank You for your company, and for selling online. I would have never found you otherwise. I love your concept...we own a farm and my husband is 4Th generation farmer. Your support for the farmers and the environment are things that hit very close to home and are very heart felt issues for me. I believe you are a god send. I have been looking for a candle line for my boutique and have been met with huge buy-ins and outrageous minimums. I am located in a very rural part of Idaho and we only have a population of 360 people. So needless to say when it isn't busy with people traveling things slow way down. So I just can't go with those big buy-ins and minimums. So anyway I just wanted to say thanks for making these wonderful candles and making it attainable for the little guys.


I love your soy candles. My favorite is the Cinnaberry. I burn it every Friday night when I make dinner for my wife. It is nice to see that soy candles do not produce that black smoke, especially when I am working with food. You have a customer for life. Thank you!


Thank you for your super fast delivery of scented soy candles I bought. I ordered from your soy candles for sale section on Sunday and received them on Wednesday. Thank you for the great service!


Your candles are the first soy candles I have ever burned that smell the whole time I am burning them! My experience has been that it is hard to find a soy candle that burns all of the way down, I guess due to the nature of soy wax? But the glass Gardenia candle burned all the way to the edges, leaving no wax behind. And, I have reused the glass jar and planted some color rock and bamboo in it. I am going to recommend NaturalScents. to everyone I know. Keep up the great work!


The new labels are so unique and the new aromas are AMAZING! I do not have a favorite anymore (Coconut Cream Pie used to be my favorite). But now there are too many to choose from and they all smell so good. I love them ALL! My friends who come over can't believe how awesome they smell and how long my candles have lasted, even though I burn them everyday. I also want to mention that they want to eat them (especially the Bubble Gum and Blueberry Muffin) YUMMY! You guys rock and so glad your prices are reasonable. I am almost in need of some more 16oz tin soy candles, and I will be ordering more from you soon. Take Care!

I had never heard of soy wax or soy candles before I stumbled upon your Web site. However, now I will only burn soy candles after reading about the benefits, and most importantly, smelling and seeing the difference. The votive soy candles I bought burn great, and my walls don't get that black soot on them anymore. I do want to recommend that others burn your votives in a holder because they are very runny otherwise, just FYI. I will be placing another order very soon. Thank you for offering these wonderful alternatives to the mainstream junk candles.


I saw you guys at the Edmond's Summer Market when I was in town visiting my oldest daughter. I bought a dozen of those Blueberry Muffin soy candles, which I gave away as party favors during a party I threw when I returned home to Ohio. They were a total hit. What a fantastic idea for party favors, and now that I think about it, for stocking stuffers for Christmas! Your soy candles will be what I give as Christmas presents this year! Hope to see you guys again next summer!


I bought your soy candle gift pack with a gift card for my wife as an anniversary present, and had you mail it to her at work. She loved it, and said all the other women in the office were jealous, and kept saying how thoughtful and romantic I was. Now I know what to get her for her birthday!


Great products A few weeks ago I ordered a soy candle sample pack to be shipped to my sister in North Carolina for her birthday. She called to thank me for such a unique gift and said that she had never heard of soy candles before, but that she was an instant fan. Thank you for making gift-giving so easy and fun!


I can't begin to tell you how cool the custom label soy candles turned out! They are AWESOME! They smell just like birthday cake! The custom labels are SO BEAUTIFUL! I showed Eric right away (I couldn't wait) and he was blown away. He loves them! They make me hungry just smelling them. The 4oz. travel tins fit inside my little favor bags perfectly, so that was exactly the right size. I am so pleased. You need to have a blog entry on your site so I can go on there and give you a shining "customer review." YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Oh, and how sweet is that little glass container. I loved the Kiwi Strawberry-it's been burning in our house every day for the last four days.


I have ordered soy candles several times from you, and just saw that you added essential oil soy candles...YEA! And the prices are so reasonable. I just received the five Aromatherapy spa candles I bought and put them around my bathtub...bring on the cold weather! Name: Carol - 10/2006 Product Name: Awesome customer service Thank you so much for getting back to me, and SO quickly at that!! You don't know HOW excited I am about buying your candles! You know, ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to have my own business and candles, and your wholesale soy candles are so HOT right now.