About Us

We've all got a story right?

Well ours starts back in 2006 when two lovely people, Megan & Chris Savage decided to start a small soy candle business called UniversolAromas. Their goal wasn't to be the next Yankee Candle, just a small business that offered sumptuous soy candles with green practices. It worked. Over the years UniversolAromas grew a steady following of customers who appreciated not just the made to order soy candles, but the eco friendly goals and beliefs behind the company.

When the opportunity came up to take over UniversolAromas in 2011 I jumped at the chance and naturally the next chapter began.

So why change our name to NaturalScents? One of the things I love about soy candles is that they are natural choice. But my goal with NaturalScents was to take it a step further by using pure essential oils instead. After all, why buy a product that contains chemicals when a safer natural version is available? And that's why we changed our name - to better convey what the properties of our products are and our beliefs.

Going forward our goal with Natural Scents is not just to provide exciting essential oil soy candles, but to use them to make a difference, not just in your life but to the world around us. After all, its just natural sense!